10 years…

on January 15th, jonathan and i will be married for 10 years. we are going on a cruise and i really can’t wait. it is time for us to have a vacation by ourselves and to recover from the busy, adventurous, wonderful, hard, fulfilling past 10 yrs. it has not always been an easy road but has always been full of laughter and friendship. 10 things that i love about jonathan are (not to make you throw up):

1. his love for God

2. his short term memory in regards to things i have done wrong. 🙂

3. his sense of humor- he really is funny & it is one of the first things that drew me to him.

4. his loyalty to his friends, place of business, family, & church

5. his work ethic ( i have only worked pt & have stayed home the majority of our marriage) he has often held down 2 jobs and is a hard worker.

6. his love for people

7. his love for outreach

8. the way he is die hard for Auburn University (the degree is troubling at times but everyone in his family is like this as well).

9. how he is creative in almost everything he does, even in his storytelling to his children.

10. his incredible taste in picking a wife. ha!!

happy 10 years jonathan! praying we have a wonderful 10 years ahead!

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3 Responses to 10 years…

  1. Farah Isbell says:

    Happy Anniversary early! and good job posting 🙂

  2. ginger says:

    TEN YEARS!! Congratulations!! I’ve been thinking of you both on such a momentous occasion. So thankful to have been with you on that day. May our God continue to richly bless you both!

  3. Jose Silva says:

    My wife and 2 adopted kids are missionaries in Nicaragua working mainly with college students. I slipped into your blog looking for a pic entitled “accepting Christ as Savior”. Anyways, just wanted to say congratulations on your anniversary. I loved reading your thoughts. God continue to bless you, your husband and three “goofyhymer” (that´s what I call my kids. we don´t say the other word!!!) Un abrazo.

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