To all the moms…

Found this on Priscilla Shirer’s blog ( from her friend Shundria and I had to share because this is truth….or at least my truth. 🙂

Here’s to all the moms who:

*only iron the front of your kids clothes because that’s what really matters.
*put carrot sticks with chicken nuggets only to have something healthy on the plate…knowing they are not going to eat it
*has forgotten the last time their child under 3 has had a bath
*has gone to the shoe store only to realize that their child’s foot is 2 sizes larger
*has given a not so new toy or book to another child because you completely forgot about the party
*has put your child in timeout and forgotten about them
*has thanked the Lord for McDonald’s
*skips pages in books when reading to a toddler…they will never know
*does allow your kids to watch more than 30min of TV.
*goes to bed with a sink FULL of dishes
*is always late
*can make a meal out of the snacks in the car and has
*is relieved when dad won’t be home for dinner…2 minutes and beep…Dinner!
*has wiped their kids’ nose with their own shirts
*has NOT taken a kid to the doc only to realize that they are actually sick
*has cleaned only the family room and guest bathroom for an event and prayed no one asks for the other bathroom
*dresses their kids out of the laundry baskets
*when laundry is done…feels like she has a new wardrobe because it’s been so long
*enjoys going to work or wishes she could go
*has worn the same thing 2 days in a row because you won’t see the same people
*has let your children do the same!
*secretly wishes that their toddler still wore pampers because it’s so much easier
*has yelled at your children to tell them to stop yelling
*can’t remember the last time you took a picture of your youngest child
*hasn’t yet included your youngest child in the family picture
*called your kid from another room only to retrieve something that you could have gotten yourself
*just so happen to remember on the way to a soccer game that you are the snack mom
*didn’t remember that you were snack mom
*has forgotten to brush your teeth and remembered as you sat in the pews on Sunday right before greet your neighbor
*has also forgotten about deodorant
*has cried in the shower
*has cried with your crying baby
*has thanked the Lord for kids going to school everyday
*is a home school mom who wished her kids went to school
*is a mom who wishes she could homeschool
*doesn’t want to attend another conference/seminar on being an excellent wife
*has allowed your child to sit on your lap as you go potty
*has taken the long way home
*has questioned your decision to have kids
*has questioned your decision to be a wife

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9 Responses to To all the moms…

  1. Cindy Walraven says:

    Thanks! I love it! Nice to know I’m not alone out there with so many of these.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Sad…I can check a few of these off my list already!

  3. Loved this!!!! And I’m going to say that I’ve committed every single one of these! 🙂 Cause I’m Super Mom like that. 🙂

  4. “allowed your child to sit on your lap as you go potty” do moms really do this? I can’t and have never even thought about it. Just wondering. 🙂

    Thanks for these reminders that we all struggle at times to be a “great” mom. Glad you’re blogging too 🙂

  5. danasutton says:

    i knew my mom friends would love this… and Jamie absolutely about the child on your lap to potty although I only did this when I had a baby. I usually had two little ones that took up the double stroller and then the baby (Camden) in a carrier that I had strapped on me. 🙂 I then would be telling Braden who was 4 and was holding on to the stroller to please not touch anything in the public restroom! I can also zip my pant zipper with one hand! Wow am i cool?!

  6. andrea says:

    so cute, dana. thanks for the smiles this morning! i haven’t done the potty thing either, but i’ll never say never. hope you guys are doing well!

  7. Amy says:

    This is so funny, b/c I’m so guilty of alot of them! Including the potty one, I had to hold my youngest on my lap in a public restroom too. Soooo nerve racking! Thanks for the laughs!

  8. bekah says:

    i love this. not a mom yet, but some great “insight” into what the future holds…..thanks for the extra dose of birth control for the day!

  9. Tamara says:

    I love it. The potty thing, when you have a litte one that gets up before the crack of dawn ill, you will put them on your lap just to keep them from waking the other kids up. LOL I have to say I am also guilty of most these.

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