friends for fourteen years


these are two girls in my life that have known me for awhile, christy and kim.we have seen each other grow spiritually, christy seeing kim and i both accept Christ as our Savior. we have seen each other through relationships and breakups before our husbands came into the picture. we have encouraged one another in our walks with Christ and sometimes we have goofed up together. we were in each others weddings. we went to different colleges, and have lived in different states (soon christy will be living on another continent) , seen each other through pregnancy (10 total between the three of us) and we have remained friends through it all. i am very proud of these girls and blessed by them in so many ways. may we have many more memories to make! i love you both.

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  1. MyLife says:

    Very nice! I’ve been enjoying “friends for fourteen years “.
    I really appreciate and admire it. Thanks for post.

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