random updates

-had dinner with Oak Leaf staff wives on Thursday. i am very blessed to have these ladies in my life. I love them all and consider them some of my dearest friends. i remember taking a seminary wives class one time that warned us of the loneliness in ministry that comes when your husband is on staff. they told us that often the personalities of the staff wives can often be different and you may not connect. definately not the case here at oak leaf.  i am so thankful for them all and for all the wonderful friends that i have here in cartersville! also thanks to Amy Bloye for taking time out of her schedule to meet with us! she is amazing.

-i want to give a shout out to cloverleaf elementary for adding spanish classes for all the kids k-5. i really want my kids (and myself) to learn spanish. being a kid is the best time to pick up another language!

-it has been 6 days without the real thing (coke). i do miss it. i agree that nothing compares (i hear ya joy!) but i have found some comfort in fountain coke zero from chick fil a. (thanks laurel and cindy. )

– i celebrated 9 years with my hubby! it has been quite a wonderful adventure and an extremely busy one! our anniversary was on thursday but we went out to eat instead last night. we are doing our official celebration of Christmas and anniversary in February by going away for two days. our lives are so busy we have realized how crucial it is to spend time together.

-after a sabbatical from sports over the winter i am letting the boys play baseball in the spring and kinley will continue on with dance.  i can’t imagine when all four are in something! i have a hard enough time keeping up with pajama days and snack for everybody. (i accidently sent braden in his pjs when it was only kinley and logan’s pj day- braden’s was the next day. i felt so BAD! he forgave me. 🙂 )

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  1. …and you’re on twitter now! Yea! Welcome, I’m so glad to have another staff wife aboard 🙂

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