goodbye ole friend

i just got back in from a week long class in Virginia. it was wonderful and i actually felt recharged by the trip. i was ready to get back home and hug my family at the end of the week, and my family (especially my parents and Jonathan) were really ready for me to get back home. 🙂

but here comes the announcement. i am saying good bye, at least for two months, to my dear friend fountain coke. this is the longest that i have given up real coke outside of a fast that i did. (isn’t it funny how God knows our hearts and our silly little preferences when He calls us to fast from something and to pray.) this time i am giving it up for weight loss goals. i am getting older (29 is coming soon) and drinking 44oz. is not helping.

the reason i am blogging about this is because i want accountability. if you see me drinking something i give you permission to ask me if it is diet. i want you to ask me. i thought i could do real coke in moderation but this is hard to moderate for me in stressful times. sad but very true so i am hoping that i will forget about the sweet taste and the delightful bubbles. who knows, after the two months are up i may not even miss it. 🙂

p.s. happy 2009!

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3 Responses to goodbye ole friend

  1. Cindy Walraven says:

    I had to do this several years ago. Coke is just empty calories. If you start drinking Diet you get used to it, I promise. I can’t stand regular Coke anymore. Have you tried Coke Zero? I drink that a lot. It is more like Coke and should be easier to switch to than Diet right away. Good luck.

  2. Laurel says:

    Coke ZERO tastes EXACTLY like coke. You can try it at Chick Fil A to be sure you like it! TRY IT! You will love it. ZERO CALORIES!

  3. joy says:

    Dana — I am LOL right now! Coke is my dear friend, too, and I am cutting it out as well to help lose weight (except unlike you, I’ve got a ton to lose!) …and I am so sad to miss my coke! As much as everyone says, Coke Zero and Diet Coke are NOT the same (for those of us who love our coke). I still have about 4oz in the morning and 4oz in the evening, so I’m not totally deprived, but oh how I miss my dear friend, too!!

    I feel your pain!

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