praying for a mentor

i have prayed for awhile now for a mentor relationship. in everything that i have done/read/ learned over the past ten years or so, whether it pertains to spiritual, relational, business or ministerial related refers to finding someone who is further along in the game and spending time with them. it talks in Scripture about the older women teaching the younger women and so forth to learn to love their husbands and children.

i love learning from books and blogs and that is where i learn a lot from. this does not mean that i shouldn’t be held responsible to spiritually learn for myself from Scripture and from Christ. i don’t want to become like my mentor.  i just want someone to challenge me to go “to the next level” as a parent/spouse and someone who is involved in ministry.

 i had wonderful women that did this in my life in college and even in an informal way as a young mom. although i have  a high regard for accountability and i have AMAZING friends that could keep me accountable it is in a mentor relationship that i think that growth occurs. a picture that was shared with me by a professor at school is that when two stinking dogs are lying together they don’t really smell what is really going on where as when it is a one way relationship, i answer on a level of accountability that is  only in one direction.

i am continuing to pray that this will come along but until then i am very thankful for my friends who encourage me on in my faith, for my journey group, and for my husband and family. i also am thankful for the women who blog and write books from times before my time and now. God has used them to encourage me on in my calling and in my walk with Him.

some of the women that i read/learn from are: Ruth Graham, Beth Moore, Susanna Wesley,  Mary Kassian, Barbara Rainey, Sarah Edwards, Nancy Ortberg, Priscilla Shirer, Elizabeth Elliot.

some other authors i love reading are: Patrick Lencioni, C.S. Lewis, John Ortberg, Dallas Willard, Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, Les and Leslie Parrott, Tim Kimmell, Ted Tripp, Paul Tripp, John Piper and Donald Miller.

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