things that i pray for my children…

things that i pray for my children (the heart)

-they would come to know Christ at an early age.

-that they would love Him with their whole heart and will love others deeply.

-that when they sin that their sin will be discovered in a quick manner. (it won’t be hidden)

-that my kids can learn the difference between right and wrong but will not become self righteous but will know it is about God’s grace in their life.

-my kids will live a (mostly) pure life in Christ but will have compassion and a huge heart for those who are not.  that they will love all people and will have a deep hunger to reach out to a world in need of jesus.

-that my kids will marry someone who loves jesus and will serve Him together.

-that my kids learn it is not about them.

But for the time being i also pray for: (behavior) 🙂

-camden to not pee in his pants

-for my kids to learn to listen to me

-that they would sleep in on some saturdays

-that they would not get the throw up virus again.

-that they would cooperate with me in efforts to get them ready in the mornings.

-that they would not fight all the time.

-that camden stops telling his sister that he is going to bite her when we get home because he is mad at her. 🙂

-that our toilet stays unclogged from razors, golf balls, and other items.

happy parenting!

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3 Responses to things that i pray for my children…

  1. Kendra says:

    As I read the first, I was nodding my head b/c these are the things I pray for for my sweet Hallie. As I read the second part–the behavior–I nearly burst into laughter (which wouldn’t be good since Hallie’s asleep). Too cute! I pray most of those things, too…why is it they can’t sleep in on a Saturday but could during the week if given the chance?!

    I know you’re doing a wonderful job parenting…those kids are so blessed to have you as their mommy!

  2. Beth says:

    Amen, sister! We should talk soon. Love you!

  3. Stephanie Perdue says:

    Hey girl,
    I was thinking about you this morning. It is fun to read about your life. For some reason, it mirrors mine in so many ways!

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