since i don’t twitter…

since i don’t twitter here are some “twitter type” updates:

1. I love sharing with kids how they can know Jesus in a public school and giving out a Bible each week.

2. We have over a hundred kids coming to KBC every week between three schools.

3. We will be starting in at least one more school with a possibility of two more starting in February.

4. I am tired of writing papers for school- 🙂 the reason i am writing twitter updates for blog.

5. my baby is wearing underwear and is saying things like “I fink we outta do dis, mommy.”

6. I am ready for some holiday fun and breaks.

7. I will be going to Virginia for a week long course the first of January.

8. we made it through the stomach virus and my laundry is all done…for now. 🙂

9. I truly have been blessed by amazing friends in my life… one’s that are far away and i don’t get to talk to very often…and one’s that i get to see here in cartersville. i pray often for all of them and feel very grateful to God for them.

10. my husband is snoring next to me while i finish work/school on the computer… He is cute …and i think it is my  time to go to bed too.

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2 Responses to since i don’t twitter…

  1. jonathan sutton says:

    you stare at me while I snore?

  2. jamiegoodwin says:

    You should Twitter with me!! 🙂

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