what has happened lately…

i admit that i have a hard time finding time to update this blog but i love reading other people’s blogs to know what is going on in their lives. it is sad but it is a great way to stay connected when our lives get crazy. Some of the things that have been going on are sad, some happy, and some neither :).

1. Braden accepted Christ as his Savior this summer and we are so excited. i can already see the Holy Spirit working on him in the past couple of months. the night before he prayed to receive Christ i went around to all the kids rooms and i prayed over Braden while he was sleeping. i was prompted to pray for him to come to know Jesus because I knew he was close to having a better understanding. it gave me goosebumps when he came up the stairs that next morning telling jonathan and i that he wanted to pray to know Jesus! Jonathan is going to baptize him at our next baptism on October 26th in between services- in a portable baptismal right outside the movie theater! I love it!

2. Kinley’s close friend from preschool passed away about a month ago. He had a brain tumor that was discovered only two weeks before he died. She had been in half day preschool with him a couple of days a week when she was 2, then 3, and he was in her class for 4 year old preschool this year too! This little boy had an exceptional gift. He was very sensitive to spiritual things and he could read and count from the time he was very young. Continue to pray for his family. I know he is better and is happy in heaven but it is hard for all the people who knew and loved him. Kinley talks about him almost everyday, has shed tears, and asked more questions than I can count about death, God, healing, and even the age old question of why does this happen?

3. I finished my first class for my master’s degree. Why am I doing this again? Just kidding, I really enjoyed it. I start back again Monday.

4. Kids Beach Club started in two schools and will be starting in the 3rd school very soon. I also have the possibility of 1 to 3 more starting very soon as well. It is fun and I love seeing kids who do not go to church anywhere or very often come and hear about the Bible. We give out one Bible per weekand those kids have never forgotten to bring it back the next club. They are excited, they have memorized Scripture and can repeat it back to me from even three weeks before. It is a great ministry and I think that every church needs to be involved in this while we have an open door into the schools. It may be a hard door to get through but it is where the kids are!

5. Jonathan is getting settled in to his job at the church and has made wonderful strides and improvements -with some great volunteers in sharing with Oak Leaf kids and parents. We have some people that have been coming with us to church who love the kids ministry and one of the adults said,” I can actually understand that guy and I don’t have to go home and look up any words that he uses. This is the first time I look forward to going to a church” (refering to Michael’s teaching). That is what it is all about and shows that God is working and drawing people to Him. It is exciting. They have been going home and reading their Bible. (Or either it means that Michael doesn’t use big enough words. lol)

6. Camden is getting really big and although Kinley is technically my “smallest” child I seem to be getting very sad about my baby growing up. Camden is older now than Logan was when he was born. I have gone from four car seats down to two. – Logan technically could still sit in a booster seat. I had three in diapers and one in pull ups at night and now I have one in pullups all the time and one only at night. sigh. a new season is coming and although jonathan is really excited i am pretty sad. 😦  it felt like i would be in that season forever when i was in it and now i can see how it won’t be very long at all.

7. Logan is knocking it out of the park at school! I went to his parent teacher conference and his teacher told me that he is one of the best behaved students that she has! I cried right in front of her. tears of excitment for him (and for his teacher.) Nobody had to know him as the challenging child. he just gets to be Logan. praise God!!!!

8. i got a picture taken of all the kids together. they are all looking the same way smiling! this is a picture of the picture so it is not very clear but i am so excited i thought i would share it anyways! I could have scanned it in the computer but this made the most sense to me at the time.  

9. i am going to bed. goodnight!

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2 Responses to what has happened lately…

  1. Cindy Walraven says:

    So happy to hear how things are. I knew you were probably just super busy. That is awesome news about Braden accepting Christ. I will pray for the family whose son died. I know they can use all the prayers they can get. The picture is great. I know that getting them all to look at the camera and smile is so… hard. Props to the person that took the picture. You have an beautiful family.

  2. Amy Bowman says:

    Man, your kids are half grown!!! They look beautiful!! I’m a bad friend… i didn’t even call you in the states! it is great to hear about your life and all that is going on! I miss you, sweet friend! Keep on keepin on! maybe in 2010 we can meet up?!?

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