tag..im it!

my friend jamie tagged me so here are six things you may not know about me. (this will be hard since i am an open book.) i did not add my love of fountain cokes on here since you all probably know this about me. 🙂

1. i love books…i mean love books and bookstores!

2. my most favorite relaxing thing to do is to get a cup of starbucks and walk around the super target in acworth (by myself). i don’t usually  buy anything i just walk and pray and regroup to regain perspective.

3. i love kids and love being a mom. the least favorite thing about being a mom is kids fighting. i can handle them all little and in diapers but i can’t take the fighting.

4. i am an only brat… I mean kid. another reason i hate the sibling fighting. i always wanted siblings- they should be sitting around loving on each other..right?!

5. i am an extrovert on steroids. although the older i get the more i have to have a little retreat by myself to regain energy.

6.i am a dreamer…and i love new adventures. jonathan is a realist and much more of a present thinker. we compliment one another well. and i see how we have both rubbed off on each other.

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1 Response to tag..im it!

  1. Amy Bowman says:

    i miss you, girl! wish our layover in atlanta was gonna be longer 😦 i’ll check about our return flight and let you know! we leave in 7 days!!! too much excitement at our house! would love to chat with you when we are stateside….i need some mommy encouragment and i know you are a GREAT mom! how are things going w/jonathan on staff?? would love to hear from you when you can you can send a message via fb if you want! tell your crew hello…hey, we need to set up some marriage arrangements don’t we :))

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