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i have read many books on schooling options since having kids and especially as i drew near to my first baby turning 5. we have thought about homeschooling, briefly thought about private school until we found out the cost, and lastly public school. i have to say i have read and researched more about homeshooling than any of the other options- all written by Christians who are having much sucess in this area.

then came my current ministry position and my need to help out  our family budget. i work directly with public schools and churches in trying to get basically a “Bible club” in the schools. it would not work really if i homeschooled my kids and in all reality the time would not work out with having meetings. what was i to do. we prayed long and hard and we are now in to our second year with our first in public school and now logan has joined him for kindergarten. God has given me complete peace about this decision and i am excited about volunteering in their classrooms. it also helps that the PTC president was logan’s preschool teacher last year and kinley’s teacher this year. we will continue to pray and take it year by year- kid by kid- discerning what God desires for each child until they can follow Him fully.

so as i always do i looked for a noteworthy( always check out the authors before reading:) ) book on the subject. this was not an easy search in a Christian bookstore. but alas i found one right next to a book with a school bus and policeman with guns. it is called Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School by David and Kelli Prichard. i highly recommend this book if your child goes to a public school.  i don’t 100% agree with everything but what they have to teach is amazing. the pritchard’s have eight children and live near Seattle- that’s not exactly the Bible belt. david works with young life and they have impacted tons of kids around their community. i will post more that i have learned out of this book later but one interesting tidbit is this:

        -a student spends aproximately 6.5 hours a day in school with 180 days in a school year totalling 1,170 hours out of a childs year.

         – parents have about 4,670 hours a year to influence their children.

         – parents ( if one parent stays home, but even if both parents work it is still over 3,000 hours) control 80% of their childs time and the school receives 20%. And in all reality it is a parent who also is still in control of their childs life, education, and time. 


PS- spouting out all these numbers i wanted to include how many hours a church actually has- about 40! no matter how you try to avoid it you have to “homeschool” in spiritual matters no matter what.

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4 Responses to going public

  1. Cindy Walraven says:

    Very intersting post! I haven’t thought to much about sending my kids to private for two reasons. First, I have 3 kids and that can be expensive!! Second, I attended several private Christian schools until going to public school in tenth grade. I believe I received a better education from the public school. I also know first hand bad kids attend private too. A lot of my classmates got kicked out of public and the parents sent them to my school. Yes there might be some really good private schools out there, but I feel public school and a lot of praying is the choice for my family 🙂 I want to check out the book though so I’m glad you blogged! Ava is at STARS this year so we won’t get to see you at Tab.

  2. I enjoyed your post. Jim and I have been discussing and praying about this very thing. I have researched homeschooling also and we are not sure what we want to do at this point. We are still praying about our decision for Jake. He is only three so we have a few more years. This is a great topic of discussion.

  3. jamiegoodwin says:

    this was a great post, however I have a proposal for you to think about. I would love to meet with you sometime to talk about it. How in the world can we make that happen? 🙂

  4. Dallas says:


    Those stats are very interesting and comforting to me as we consider sending our kids to public school in a couple years. I want the best education for them, academically and spiritually. I am concerned that I will not be able to devote the necessary time to educating them adequately, even as a stay at home mom. Life is so super crazy now, I can’t imagine adding that to the mix. Anyway, that was interesting information.

    Good to find yall again! Haven’t talked to you since AU, but we get updates on yall via Dan’s parents and Stephen.

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