so the summer is drawing to an end. my second child logan will be starting kindergarten in the fall and braden will be in the first grade. i am really relishing this time with them and i am a little sad to see the summer end. but next week jonathan and i are having a wonderful break. we will be without two of my children for a week and without all four for three nights.

he is taking time off from work and we are just going to rest. he has not had a vacation in well over a year and a half and my last “vacations” were with children. (which is like my normal day on steroids with less sleep and more activity). although it is the end of summer we are not feeling guilty at all to take this time and gain momentum for the fall. with lots of kids- even though we limit their activities to one thing at a time- comes lots of stuff.  we are resting before beach clubs get started, school begins, football, soccer, dance, and grad school. we are watching movies and going out to eat before oak leaf has another “big” announcement 🙂 and jonathan is working lots of hours. we are sleeping in before early mornings and late nights come our way. we need to regroup before we have neighbors over to our house and our constant watch for people who God brings in our path to minister to. we need rest before sickness and homework and discipleship continues on- before small group and ministering to children continues.

but rest assured after we have rested i am ready. i love the fullness of our life. the disciples lived full lives- i know they were not doing activities but it is through our activities that we meet lost people and people looking for a church home. everytime i read stuff on taking time for ourselves (which is important) i think of Jesus and the disciples and what their lives were like. they were tired people. we are called to retreat with God, our spouses, and our family but those who followed Christ worked hard and long. Jesus was followed when He was tired and after a full day. even if you are not a people person God calls us to minister and lead people. jonathan and i are blessed to have time to focus on each other and to relax but we are also blessed with the four little people who we are called to lead everyday.  we are then blessed by the many people that we come in contact with throughout the school year and in our ministries to love on. it is not by our own strength that we are able to do this, it is by the One whos strength never runs out.

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1 Response to rest

  1. Stephanie Perdue says:

    R-E-S-T! What a beautiful word!
    I totally agree that vacations are not a time of rest.
    Enjoy time with your man.

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