oak leaf @ the movies

this morning i woke up and i felt very burdened to pray for church this morning. it was our first sunday back at the movie theater and i was excited/nervous for the set up crew. (including my husband who literally worked everyday from morning till night.)

the kids and i pulled into the parking lot and they were a bit confused. logan and braden remembered the movie theater but kinley and especially camden were very concerned. camden’s concern soon turned into excitement as he remembered that this is where you see “big movie” and you eat pocorn. he asked me a dozen times for “poptorn and prite.” i kept telling him that we were at church and that we were not seeing “big movie”.

after serving in the first two services, i attended the last one and it was packed! i stood up along the wall and i was flooded with memories as we were worshipping. camden was just a couple of weeks old when we began meeting for a small Bible study. i just looked around at all the people worshiping God and i teared up. i remembered us meeting in steps of faith studio with just 10 or so couples talking and praying about this church called “oak leaf”. none of us had ever really heard michael preach. (i remember julie reeves on the first preview service saying to me, “i hope michael is actually a good teacher.” i agreed and we both laughed. 🙂 )

 none of us really knew what God knew- the people that would come and the lives that He would change. i saw faces in the crowd who i knew did not go to church anywhere before and i praised God for Him drawing them in.

being part of a church plant is not always easy. a lot of volunteers are tired and worn out on Sundays. there are a lot of times during the past couple of summers (being honest here) that i did not want either me or my husband at a 4th of July event, putting out signs, hanging door hangers, or doing anything oak leaf related. but as i sat there in the theater looking at the faces- i though how stupid it is for me to have a complaining or hard heart. it’s all worth it a thousand times over even if it was just for one to be found in Christ. nothing we have done is fabulous but God has used our efforts to bring His children to Himself. i am thankful to be a part. and just like Michael said this morning- we must always remember what it feels like to be lost for our worship to God is that much more powerful for we have been found.

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