leadership lesson #2

one of the things that i am learning as i progress in life is the way you progress in whatever ministry position/ role that you are in. i crave learning new things. i also love books. when i was a young mom of barely 21i read books- lots of books. i still read books on parenting and will continue to do so. but every book or author doesn’t transition into law for my life. i don’t swear by one parenting author or book. i am learning to glean wisdom from the books and then apply to our family. this (i think) means that i am maturing as a mom.

the same is true when you first become a believer. there is usually one person or several people that you listen to their every word and consider it to be directly from God. this is great but the best thing is to be able to have many wise godly advisors that you can take wonderful wisdom from but then you can apply to your life/situation. you become true in who you are in Christ. you can even listen to the louie giglio’s, the john piper’s, and the andy stanley’s and walk away as not a mini version of these men (or women).

the last area that i have realized this process exists is in ministry. when you first begin you emulate a church or person that is in your position. you take the procedures that they do and the programs that they use and do them in your particular ministry. but the real maturity comes when you can be okay with who God is developing you into in ministry or as a church. good examples and ideas will always be wonderful but now you can screen them through what God wants you to do or be.

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