beth moore

i went to the deeper still conference with my wonderful friend- ginger brady-last weekend. it was a graduation gift from her and we had such a wonderful time. i was really impressed with priscilla shirer and as always God taught me so much about His Word through the conference. (more on that later)…

but i did want to address one reoccuring theme in my life when i mention the name beth moore. first of all i am not a fan that worships beth moore. with increasing “fame” and popularity beth moore has had to address this issue herself. if women are doing her Bible studies and then are worshipping her instead of God then they are missing the whole point. she always points to God for her ability to teach His Word and never have I been sketchy on where the glory belongs- it belongs to God. she is an incredible teacher of God’s Word. you may not like her energy, passion, or voice but she teaches the Bible.

when i was a t southern seminary, which i love dearly, women would make faces because she was a powerful teacher or there may have been a man around that received teaching from her. i literally sat in one class where a proffessor suggested that she should ask all men to leave before she began. in arena of 18,000 people i think this is extremely inappropriate, seeing as men are volunteering to allow this conference to go on. in response to this i think this is silly. i have sat in many conservative classes and i have (unlike some of her critics) done here Bible studies. I have never noticed a doctrinal issue or an i am woman hear me roar message. some of my classes reminded me a little even of her studies. she is a firm believer in everyone learning and loving the Bible. when did this become wrong?

then to the other critics who are scared of 18,000 women at a conference then i would first off say that you are a man. and secondly i would have to say that i too was slightly nervous with that many woman as well. i will and have always felt more comfortable working with mostly men and in a room full of men as oppose to women. but i learn like a woman. just because we want to minister to men does not mean that we look down upon a woman sitting under another woman’s teaching. this is biblical. i am a woman-even though i do not like to sew, cook. or really clean. God has taught me amazing things during my pregnancies, times of emotion, and weakness. i have learned a whole lot from my kids and being a natural nurturer. when women who are teaching about God’s Word use illustrations from very similar times in their own lives my ears perk up. i don’t have to have this in my relationship with God but it enhances it.

all this to say – iam a beth moore fan not because she is beth moore but because she is a wife, mother, and a lover of God and His Word. her all out passion for God and the Bible inspires and challenges me. so whether you dislike her because of her personality, hair, or voice. or because she is not feminine enough or is too feminine then that is your personal opinion. i will stick with my beth moore studies as long as she is encouraging me to learn God’s Word and is telling truth.

ps- they also addressed the Oprah issue to 18,000 women. what a platform to share the truth with all those women!

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