i miss my kids!

it is amazing how unbelievably tired i get during the school year and beyond. i dream of breaks from getting my kids ready and amazing sleep that has no bright eyed alarm clock. i dream of unending time with jonathan where we go out to eat and see movies.

twice a year this comes true for the past couple of years. this is not work/school related. it is where my wonderful in loves and my parents switch off two times during the summer with one set of parents take two and the other takes the other two. a month or so later they switch (recovery time). i am so grateful for how wonderful they all are and it gives me and jonathan time to regroup, have fun, and then we remember how blessed we are.

we miss our kids. we can not remember nor do we want to imagine life without them. we love them overwhelmingly and we then realize what a true gift from God that they are. we often realize ways that we can improve in our parenting and we now have the renewed perspective to continue on. this is such a gift and i am so grateful to wonderful parents who take them for awhile so that we can gain this view back again. life with the four kids so close together is challenging and physically,, mentally, and emotionally tiring but i would not have it any other way. (especially after my couple of nights without all of them:) ).    ***this is not a great pic but we don’t have very many where they are all four sitting next to one another. ***

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