leadership lesson #1

for my position i am reading Leadership Gold by John Maxwell and i am learning a ton. lately i have been picking up a lot of leadership books as opposed to my normal reading of marriage and family. these books have challenged me in who i am as a wife, mother, and area director.

one of the quotes in the book by Aristotle that jumped out at me hit me at my core:”Criticism is something you can avoid easily- by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” i am a people pleaser to the core. the older i get the more i realize that i can not have everyone like me, think my ideas are great, and just be the “fun” one. maybe i could but i would never amount to much as a wife, mother, friend, or most importantly as a child of God. i don’t like uncomfortable situations or confrontation. i am fine with it in other people’s lives that i meet with just as long as it doesn’t come in to my life. 🙂 this people pleasing curse and the avoidance of criticism can cripple me as a leader but also as a child of God.

God has stretched me a lot since i have had camden and the process has not been always fun. it started with us moving to Ga., struggling financially, helping out with Oak Leaf and working outside the home on a part time basis that has required me to stick my neck out a lot. i have had to make decisions in regards to my children that has gotten a little criticism but has been the best thing that i could have done. having four kids close together has stretched me in the area of not caring what others think when i am in public and one of my children need extra “attention”. (thanks braden, logan, kinley, and camden 🙂 )

listening to people who love you’s criticism is a different story as opposed to doing what God has called you to do and people being critical. this is a fear i need to overcome and allow God to grow me as His child. i need to first and foremost please Him and do what is best for my family.

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2 Responses to leadership lesson #1

  1. Amy Cranston says:

    Dana, thanks for being real……..you and I share the same struggle. And it’s so true, that we’ll never amount to much as wives, friends, women, and children of God if we can’t get past this people pleasing thing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you are learning. They are a blessing! Love you lots!

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