living a life of balance

we all strive to be balanced in life. we are taught that this is a positive thing in order to be healthy and to be high functioning. we now organize our lives in tiny squares in order to maintain a life of balance. i looked at my calendar one day ( you can tell it was a while ago because it had excercise on my list :)) and it struck me. i had read the Bible and pray on my to do list. this is great and it is what i have been taught all through out life. i do believe we need to set aside time for this. but right under that was exercise and then shower (yes, i do sometimes need a reminder to shower unless i use baby powder in my hair.) then there was a long list that followed after. i got to check everything off that day but then it hit me- a balanced life is great but is actually the enemy to being a Christ follower. ( i had heard this saying before but it struck a chord).

when we begin to see our time with God as over or in sections then we get off kilter. 1 thess. 5:17 says to pray with out ceasing- we are to live in communication with God at all times. it also says in the Bible to a life of worship. in Matt. 6:33 we are to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added later. this doesn’t mean that we do “quiet time” first thing in the morning or seek Him with our “first” energy. this is talking about an all out pursuit. and it is through this all out pursuit that we exercise, work, shop, be a spouse, student, a parent, and a missionary for Him. as a Christ follower and a missionary your life should be an all out pursuit of the Kingdom of God and following Christ the king. this unbalanced life unto Him is health and living a fulfilled life in God’s economy.

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