Why Men Hate going to Church

I read this book the other week by David Murrow and i thought that it was right on for the most part. i do feel that women gravitate towards church for the most part and most of the programs and ministries are run for and by women. i understand that men need adventure and i loved the chapter on what to do if you were a woman reading the book and some practical ways to make church men friendly.

i agree that women’s primary needs of safety and security are often at the forefront in church “politics”. i also understand that men follow a leader (Jesus) and are on an adventure/mission with Him as opposed to women who often are following a Savior (who represents beauty, completeness, and love). the boiling point is that Jesus is both! a church that is geared in reaching men is awesome. i want to see men -(servant leaders) step up to the plate in all areas of ministry. i also think that the perfect picture of God’s church is where both gifts and talents are used. It is in both of God’s creations- men and women that characterize the attributes of God- justice and mercy, love, compassion, mission, adventure, boldness, truth, slow to anger, forgiveness, dying to self, living a life of purpose to Him, creation, meekness, wisdom.

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1 Response to Why Men Hate going to Church

  1. Pastor Ying says:

    Hi dana.

    Yeh I read the book. I think he is right on the money regarding why men hate going to church.

    I totally agree that an ideal church is where both men and women are serving each other with their God given talents.

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