on sunday i turned 28. it amazes me that somedays i feel so young and others quite old. it varies from day to day. i was actually pregnant with my first when i was 20 so my 20’s have been filled with a lot of grown up things, like having kids. but then there are days that i just sit and realize how much i don’t know and haven’t learned yet. i often have to remind myself to enjoy my kids because this does not last forever(something young mothers do). i also have tried most of my life to be older. i think this is the year that i will be a responsible but 28 year old woman. i’m done with being older.

i met jonathan when i was eighteen years old and was married at 19. we truly have watched one another grow up. i pray that this year i will be wise in enjoying this stage in life and the age that i am.

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5 Responses to 28

  1. Jonathan S. says:

    Well, I’ve definitely watched you grow up…not sure the opposite is true. 🙂 I’m much more of one of those “work in progress” cases. So, THANK YOU for tolerating this slow growth. Love you tons and congrats on surviving another year. 🙂 You rock my world.

  2. scubatraci says:

    Did Jonathan grow up too? Did I miss something? Congrats on your birthday!!!
    Traci “Sutton” Reeves

  3. Cindy Walraven says:

    Happy Birthday!! I didn’t know how young you were. You are a year younger than me and have one more kid than I do. I can’t imagine having four right now. Congrats on not going crazy. 🙂 To have four small children and be finished with school is HUGE! I admire you. You are my inspiration that I can be a great mom and still finish school. Now, enjoy being 28! We are only young once.

    Cindy Walraven (I go to church with you and my daughter goes to Tab. preschool and we talked at the graduation day)

  4. Tiffany says:

    I didn’t realize we were so close in age (close in the grand scheme of things, at least. I think 5 years is close!) My mom got married at 19, too, so growing up I always expected that I would too. I’ll be 24 when I do, and people still tell me that’s too young! I got rather off track there…anyway, happy (belated) birthday!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Actually, on that note, if you haven’t already you should post some of your wedding pictures on here sometime! :]

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