graduation (the finale)

well, i am finally finished with my college journey. we had a lot of fun in our brief visit to louisville. i was shocked at how many people we got to see. braden was the only sutton child we took with us (thanks to the wonderful friends that kept the other three!) he proceeded to tell most people that he met that he was “the first one out.”

i am not sure why he wanted to share this bit of info to everyone but he did. i am pleased to report that he did not share this with dr. mohler and the rest of the mohler family. the picture of braden by himself is in the mohler’s basement with the thousands of books that dr. mohler owns. dr. mohler shared stories with braden about some of his many artifacts, mainly replicas of famous ships.

i graduated with several of the girls that were in my small group when jonathan and i led the highschool seniors sunday school class in louisville. i also graduated with the husband of one of my middle school girls that also was in my discipleship group!! after i gasped at how old i felt (although i did this from age 20-24) i was amazed at how God was working in their individual lives. i am blessed to have been a part of these girls lives and it was fun seeing them again.

it was wonderful remembering all the memories that came along with visiting louisville and i am so glad that i am done. i am still waking up at night thinking that i a have a paper due in the morning. back to the tylenol pm…

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6 Responses to graduation (the finale)

  1. Kendra says:

    Yay! Congrats, friend!

  2. Laurel says:

    Congratulations! You go girl!

  3. Beth Walraven says:

    Congratulations! Hanging out with the Mohler’s, huh? You guys have “arrived”!

  4. beloved89 says:


  5. Amy Bowman says:

    So excited for you! I know you must feel so relieved, free, proud :)) Wish we could have been there to cheer you on :)) Hope you guys are well and would love to go out for coffee and dessert again to chat 🙂 Miss you! Amy

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