it was a very eventful day today. woke up, got everyone ready. braden went with jonathan to school and i took everyone else with me. i dropped two off at preschool then went back home and met jonathan and dropped off camden with him. i then drove to canton to meet with a principal and a children’s pastor for kbc. we had a wonderful meeting. the principal was the friendliest principal i have come in contact with so far.

i drove back and picked up camden so jonathan could go to a meeting and i could go pick up kinley and logan from preschool. we then came home and i wrote speech #1. i then got back in the car with kinley in dance gear and i went to go pick up braden from school. we got braden then took kinley to dance. finished dance then came home and the little ones went down for a nap and i then wrote speech #2.

jonathan came home from his meeting with subway in tow. we ate and he made an executive decision with the way we all have been feeling to forego the boys baseball practice at 6:30. i then left at 7:40 to go to class to present speech 1 &2. whew! i am drinking a coke and taking two tyelnol pms. 🙂

this is one of the days where all my arenas collided in one day. 4 courses completed, 3 more to go.

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4 Responses to today

  1. jamiegoodwin says:

    And you were able to blog on top of all that! Pretty amazing! I love Tylenol PM!

  2. Laurel says:

    And you found time to blog! Good for you. Strange combo with the coke and tylenol pm. You needed your caffiene fix but definitely wanted to go to sleep as well! You go girl.

  3. Beth Walraven says:

    I can relate to a day like that – almost! Glad to see the pics of the kids and the group shot of all of you. What a beautiful family! I’m so impressed that you are almost finished with school. You are the woman! I’ve loved reading your blog (found through Amy’s blog, to your husband’s blog – hilarious, to your blog!). Maybe we can catch up soon. I’ll send pics from our clan if you’ll send me a valid e-mail address!

  4. Dana says:

    Laurel- i have a sick addiction to coke.
    Jamie- i am also lovin’ tylenol pm
    Beth-I am so glad to find you. my email is i would love to see your group of boys. 🙂

    goodnight ladies.

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