one of the reasons that i am not a regular poster on my blog is because i am taking an insane number of hours this semester so that i can officially graduate. i have been in (and out) of school for ten years. i went to auburn, got married, moved and then changed schools only to find out that i was expecting a month after we moved! i was 20 at the time and i have been having babies ever since. 🙂 i actually found out that i was pregnant during a break in one of my classes. i went to the clinic because i was so nauseated and the nurse did a pregnancy test- it was positive and i decided not to return to the class for that day. the professors at my school in kentucky have seen me pregnant and very sick with three of my four children.

this has been a definate journey and one that i am so glad will be completed. when i think about being pregnant i think about being in school. i have nursed babies while typing papers. (don’t ask and i am sorry if there are any guys reading this blog.) i have had girls that i taught in discipleship classes while they were in highschool sitting next to me in college with their hands on my belly in class.

it has definately been an interesting way to go through school and after staying in long enough technology has changed. they now have online classes that have enabled me to be able to finish up with rarely leaving home for my last couple of classes. i am thankful for this journey and i probably learned more along the way by being in school than the actual classes themselves. May 9th- if i get everything in should be the day!

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6 Responses to graduation

  1. Laurel says:

    Congratulations! You are going to do it! I just know it!!

  2. cartersvillefamily says:

    Well we will have to celebrate – not with kids!

  3. ginger brady says:

    ONE MONTH!! You’ve earned it!

    I love you!

  4. Joy says:

    Hi Dana! I’ve been looking through blogs and found you…your family is beautiful! its been a long time since the Auburn BCM days, hasn’t it? Congratulations on your upcoming graduation (with family in tow!) —

    Joy (Drury) Breeden

  5. dad says:

    we’re very proud of you too!!!

  6. Kendra says:

    Congrats on graduation! I know you are thrilled to be able to see this day come!

    I am so glad I found your sweet little blog! You are just as precious now as you were at Auburn! :o) I love reading your stories about God, faith, and your precious babies!

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