a woman’s brain

i was hanging out 🙂 in a doctor’s office the other day. it isn’t very often that i just sit. i had already updated my calendar and read a little out of a book when i picked up a newsweek magazine. it was an older issue and there was an article on hormones and a woman’s brain.

the article was in response to a “controversial” book called The Female Brain by a psychiatrist named Brizindene. the reason it was controversial was because several hardcore feminists were saying the book would confirm men in their belief that women are inferior. Brizindene was saying that she herself started out in her younger days working in a feminist bookstore but the more research that she did the more she could not believe that women are just smaller men. Duh! last time I checked I was the one that had babies and nursed them. Brizindene found that women have areas that are larger in their brains that controlled worry and nurture. she found that women respond to financial stress differently than men as well- with the financial stress causing an effect on women that is only mirrored in men when men were faced with physical threat. Wow. another thing she talks about is how women’s hormones effect their brain chemistry.

the article concluded with Brizendine talking about how this does not make women inferior but they are different in design. if we play to those strengths in women then they are less likely to be depressed and can excel at whatever they do. they just do things different and are less stressed when working in an area that plays on their make up. this would include being a mom. this would also show why women are made with a need for security and safety. we are not fragile we are just different by design.

i think it is awesome that God designed us differently. it is crazy for a dog to want to be a cat and to prove that they can meow better than all the cats. (i picked the dogs to be women just because i like dogs better- no offense fellas, i like men better than cats 🙂 ) the way women are “made up” is what allows them to bring life in the world and to be a living house and provider for another human being. the study found that women are better in reading people in general and are better at relational aspects. we need to stop trying to meow and to know who we are, how God made us, and to listen to what God is calling us to with our unique design. i am not an advocate of barefoot and pregnant idea (although if you know me well you know i love babies and would be fine with this) but i am advocating for women being okay with how they operate in business or in where they are. feel free to be yourself and to see why God placed you in the certain position your in for that certain season. but i have never seen jonathan cry going back to work after i had one of the kids but i have seen lots of mom messed up because of this.

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