watch out i have a little girl

my three year old little girl, kinley, informed me that she is going to live with her nana and pop. she told me that she wasn’t going to live with us and was going to live with them because i did not let her watch Caliou. i was taken back. my boys have never thought up something like this and it really caught me off guard coming from a three year old.

she has always been so easy going but lately i have seen some changes. šŸ™‚ she of course began crying and asked me to rock her saying she was sorry, but none the less i was reminded that the drama will come with my sweet little princess.

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2 Responses to watch out i have a little girl

  1. jamiegoodwin says:

    Just tell her Ean and Spencer are not allowed to watch Caliou either. Why? Because sometimes Caliou has too much “drama” going on too! šŸ™‚

  2. days of sunshine says:

    We don’t watch it either! Kelby LOVES it but he Caliou is way too whiny! I cannot handle it. Oh, and on the plane coming home from our fabulous girl trip Camilla told me she didn’t like me. I could tell she regretted it the minute she said it. She cried and climbed on my lap without me saying a word ( i was too taken back- it really broke my heart). I know she was sooooo exhausted, but still. The boys never told me that:( Yeah, the drama is on it’s way. I hope she NEVER says that again!

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