i was a special ed major at Auburn for two years. i sat in classes, read books, and wrote reports on adhd. all in all i thought it was way over diagnosed and didn’t really know if it existed. i then had my sweet second little boy. from 18 mos. on he has struggled. we have spanked him, sat him in timeout, put him on a reward system. we read books–lots of books. i have cried many tears picking him up from preschool and from church. i understand the pain that a mother feels when your child is having a rough time. i knew there was something different about him. i have three other kids and it seemed like i got through to them.

all this to say that my sweet little boy was diagnosed with adhd and after much prayer and research we began medication. i can’t tell you the difference it has made!!! the reason i am putting this on my blog is because i searched blogs and the internet to find moms that would tell me what they chose. my little boy is not drugged he just is able to reason and understand me. he is still active, funny, and himself. but the aggression and the impulsiveness has ceased. when he does disobey i can look him in the eye and talk with him about what he did. i can carry on conversations with him (on a five year old level). i will continue to monitor his diet (food dye makes him wild) and will do behavior modifications but i am so thankful for the medicine. my relationship is better with him as well as his relationship with everyone else in his life because he can focus. my other children are a bit concerned because my attention can now be focused on them as well. 🙂

i hope this encourages some other mother that loves her child, has tried everything with them and knows there is something going on in their little head. i hope you pray and that God gives you peace. i am excited about all that God has planned for my crew and i feel like i am helping my child reach that potential.

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2 Responses to adhd

  1. Laurel says:

    Thank you for writing about something so personal. So many people jump to conclusions about adhd without getting all the facts.. Thank God we all don’t listen to the Tom Cruise’s of the world and do what is in the best interest of our children….

  2. Amy Bowman says:

    Sweet Dana! I’m so glad you were able to share your heart and more than than I am glad you have found some answers with Logan. You are a GREAT mom… the most perfect one for Logan. I hope you are encouraged in your decision and not second guessing yourself. I’m sre he will thank you for it when he is older :))
    I love ya and wish we could chat about parenting issues over some coffee 🙂 hey… we are coming to the states in october for vacation!!! i’m so excited!! and yes we are flying through atlanta!

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