my identity is in Christ

i love being a mom. i was one of those girls who had always dreamed about having children. if my pregnancies weren’t so sickening (literally) and Jonathan would have let me, i would have kept going. (my family may have had me committed.)

but after the sweet baby years parenting becomes very hard and with four so close together it can be just downright chaotic.  the days and moments that are good they are very good. then there are bad days where one thing after another seems to happen. being a mother is an all consuming job, even when you work, or you’re a student, or anything else that you do. it is amazing how men can turn off the dad button when they arrive at work. it isn’t bad it is just how they are made by God. women’s lives run all together most often. this isn’t bad either, it just brings a different perspective to their job when they do work outside the home.

so my main point of this is that during this time in my life, i often have to step back and realize what my “callings” in life are and where my true identity lies. it is easy for motherhood or my children to rise to an idol. in giving to cute little kids who are very needy, you get so wrapped up in being a mom that you lose your identity in who you are in Christ. this can happen in any of the many hats that any human wears. i am called to be a wife, a mom, a missionary for Kids Beach Club, a minister to whoever God brings in my path, and a friend. but these things don’t define me. my identity rests in the fact that i am a child of God. this is what completes me and what everything boils down to. if i keep this in front of me it fuels me on to honor Christ in my callings in life. if i lose sight of this then everything rises to an idol or makes for a very exhausting journey. i love that i belong to God and that nothing can separate me from His love.

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  1. Amy Bowman says:

    Hey!! I am so thrilled to finally get to see your family and hear your heart :)) I miss you and being able to chat…one day I guess! thanks for sending me your blog and i’ll keep a check on you guys now!! love ya amy

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