grace based parenting

gracebooks.jpg   i heard Dr. Kimmel at the Christian Counselors’ Conference. i of course picked up several of his books after hearing him speak about parenting kids in the area of grace. he is challenging and his books are good. one of the main points that i took away from this book is that our goal is not to raise safe Christian kids but strong Christian kids. Kimmel says that he wants his kids to grow up  and go away with the knowledge of them living in the most hedonistic society that they could stand strong in their faith and their trust would be in their God. what i love about his book is that he doesn’t bash homeschooling, public school, or christian schools but he does make you think what your reasoning is for any of these options. he truly makes you look in your own heart and realize that there is no easy outward formula for Christian kids. you can’t bank on the fact that because you sent them to a Christian school that they are going to know what it means to be a sold out follower of Christ. you also can’t send your kids to public school claiming that they are to be a witness or that you want to teach them about real life problems without being involved, walking them through the battlefield, and taking responsibility for your own faith being lived out at home. the same goes for homeschooling- just because you are protecting them from the influences of many things does not mean that they are being equipped to deal with these things once they leave your house. through this book you realize their is no cop out on parenting and the outcome of your children depends ultimately on God’s grace in their lives and your own personal relationship with Him overflowed down to your children.

Dr. Kimmel also says that raising a safe christian is the same oxymoron as jumbo shrimp. this is not the calling you signed up for and really this is not what you want for your children. i truly loved this book for it kicks the idea that a certain way produces a certain kind of kid. this is a false hope. but our hope and trust relies on God who made our children and loves them far more than we do. you can’t parent out of fear, you have to parent with faith. another good book of his is why christian kids rebel. his website is

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2 Responses to grace based parenting

  1. Mommy23 says:

    I completely agree. I think preparing them BEFORE they hear from their peers is so important. I found a book as well that I am using for my teens. It opened up a lot of areas of conversation topics. It’s from a company in Texas. I liked it because I could put my daughters pictures in it and it has GREAT scripture references that go along with the issues they talk about.

  2. jamiegoodwin says:

    Dana!!! I am so excited to know you are in the blog world. I happened upon Sunshine’s too and will add you to my blogroll as well. By the way, I loved this post. I wrote about the differences in homeschooling, private, and public school on my blog as well. I would love to borrow your book sometime!! Hopefully, we will see you (and Camden) tomorrow!

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