eight years

on tuesday, jonathan and i will have been married for eight years. whew, what a whirlwind. in eight years we have lived in three different states, had four kids, almost completed one bachelor’s degree and one master’s degree, we have worked with youth and children in ministry, and helped out with a church plant. when i think of all the things that we have had come across our path, it is a little overwhelming but what a heck of a journey!

when we got married eight years ago i was a teenager! (technically 19) jonathan had just graduated from auburn the month before and was just a young man of 22. i was a sophmore at auburn and jonathan was a part-time youth minister at a small local church. looking back i realize all the what if’s that could have happened but we truly trusted God in a mighty way and knew what we were suppose to do. i look back at the younger version of ourselves and realize how the older you get the more “logical” you get about life and following God. although we did most things backwards i know that this had to be God.  i feel so blessed to have a partner like him to go through life with and really grow up with. i have seen him transform from a young college boy to a husband to a dad and to a man. he is a hard worker and really loves us. although our journey hasn’t always been easy i would not trade it for anything! happy anniversary, babe!

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2 Responses to eight years

  1. days of sunshine says:

    The younger version of yourself? 🙂 You know I love you! Cograts and happy anniversary! Isn’t it a blessing to have your best friend for your husband?!

  2. laurelbeard says:

    Happy Anniversary!

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